What to do after tooth extraction
Complications after tooth extraction: types, treatment, prevention
Author of the article: Kryukov Andrey Vladimirovich Chief physician. Expert doctor Specialization: Orthopedic dentist Total work experience: s
toothache after filling
Tooth pain after filling: why it hurts and what to do
Causes What to do about pain? Home Remedies Dental Care Prevention Having finished treatment, we leave
Black plaque on teeth (in adults and children): how to remove
In most cases, dental plaque is the cause of insufficient oral hygiene. But it happens
loss of baby teeth
Replacing baby teeth with permanent ones: what should parents pay attention to?
What are baby teeth? A child may believe that baby teeth are only needed
Cross infection in dentistry. Microbiological aspect
CLASSIFICATION Odontogenic infections (infections of the oral cavity), depending on the anatomical location, are divided into true
teeth are loose
Which prosthesis to choose if all teeth are missing?
Symptoms Causes Degrees of mobility Diagnostics Treatment methods Splinting Treatment at home Prevention Normally healthy
how much does it cost to get fangs?
How to sharpen fangs. Is it possible to grow and sharpen fangs at home, how to make artificial teeth in a dental clinic
Some people use the services of a dentist to change their appearance. The procedure for extending fangs is popular. Building up
Therapeutic dental treatment 2
What is included in therapeutic dentistry services
Tooth decay is a dental disease that can develop for many reasons. This is not always the case
Rinsing with flux - Dentistry Line of Smiles
How to rinse your mouth with Chlorhexidine for flux?
Contents: Causes of pathology Symptoms How to rinse with flux - the simplest and safest recipe
pain after dental implantation
Pain after dental implantation: how long does it last and how to relieve it?
What does pain depend on? How long does the pain last? Localization of pain Pain during implantation Pain
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