Tooth ankylosis: what kind of disease is it, how is it treated
Fused teeth are one of the rarest anomalies in the development of the dental-jaw system, consisting in the connection
Acute and chronic sinusitis (sinusitis, sinusitis, ethmoiditis)
ENT organs, being an outpost of the immune system on the path of infection entering the body, are the first to encounter
Enlarged tonsils in a child: treatment, photo
The nose of a child, the nasal mucosa in children The nose of a young child is relatively small, nasal
How to select a CAD CAM operator for a dental laboratory?
04/14/2021 Today it is difficult to imagine restorative dentistry without computer programs. Manual production of dentures by casting
Photo of a removable acrylic prosthesis
Features of prosthetics in the absence of teeth
Causes of tooth loss Treatment options for complete edentia - 2 implants on one jaw -
Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 Oral Irrigator Review
More and more people are thinking about how to take care of their teeth and gums at home.
treatment of chronic tonsillitis
Treatment of hypertrophy of the palatine tonsils
The term "tonsillitis" comes from the Latin name for the tonsils or tonsils. These are special paired round-almond-shaped
Dentistry for children
Pediatric dentistry: modern approaches to treatment and prevention
Most people have experienced acute toothache at least once in their lives. And of course
Which doctor prescribes antibiotics for swollen lymph nodes?
Antibiotics for inflammation of the lymph nodes - which are the most effective?
Lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes) is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lymph nodes, which can be caused by:
The structure of a baby tooth in pictures
Treatment of caries and pulpitis for children and adolescents under 16 years of age
How many teeth should a child have? By the age of three, a child usually has already formed
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