Henri Moissan obtains fluoride in his laboratory at the School of Pharmacy in Paris (“Science and Life” No. 10, 2019)
Is fluoride necessary for the human body? Properties, harm and benefits
Fluorine Atomic number 9 Appearance of the element Fluorine in a container Pale yellow gas, extremely
Wisdom teeth: features, problems, questions and answers
Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure during which the third molar is removed from
What to do after tooth extraction
Complications after tooth extraction: types, treatment, prevention
Author of the article: Kryukov Andrey Vladimirovich Chief physician. Expert doctor Specialization: Orthopedic dentist Total work experience: s
Chinese toothpaste reviews
Chinese toothpastes: review, composition, rating, reviews
Toothpaste can safely be called an essential item: it is the basis of self-care. But
Healthy balanced diet
Traditional and promising approaches to caries prevention
What role does a proper diet play in preventing tooth decay? A healthy balanced diet is an important factor
Is it possible to remove wisdom teeth when installing braces?
Is it possible to remove wisdom teeth while installing braces?
Wisdom teeth, also called figure eights, often contribute to the development of dental defects. Therefore, sometimes there are
toothache after filling
Tooth pain after filling: why it hurts and what to do
Causes What to do about pain? Home Remedies Dental Care Prevention Having finished treatment, we leave
White teeth
9 modern types of teeth whitening: benefits and harms
Types of teeth whitening in dentistry Professional teeth whitening involves performing procedures in a dental office
Colgate mouthwash: purpose, composition, instructions for use, advantages of use and customer reviews
October 19, 2018 Other preparations Chernaya Natalya Today, without rinses, it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged
Repair of dentures
7 best creams for fixing dentures
The most common service in dentistry is prosthetics. If the dentist performs it correctly, the person’s dentition
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